Prof. Raquel Panaligan Bermudez

Chairperson & Permanent FT

CS Research Project 1

She is more than an exemplary chairperson; Balancing duty to the department and commitment to the students. Her authoritative aura mirrors the respect she rightfully holds and amazingly manages to maintain a down-to-earth personality; Often showing her witty side when her seriousness is a nonnecessity. Her approach & methods are nowhere near disagreeable more so it actually serves as inspiration to the individuals around her..

Engr. Emelita Mira Alonzo

Permanent FT

Computer Literacy 2 Lec & Lab
Intorduction to Computer Technology Lec & Lab

Many would say they are scared to have her as their professor, they'd say she's always very serious and very strict. But there are those who would testify that it is only a facade, and that she's actually very accommodating and kind, she also shares a laugh in class and lightens up the room. She may only appear to be intimidating because she expects no less from her student's sense of responsibility and professionalism.

Engr. Bernard Alonzo Bullicer

Permanent FT

IT Issues, Sem & Field Trip
Software Engineering (CS)
Digital Design Lec & Lab
Operating System Lec & Lab

He is best in maneuvering the lectures to make it easier to understand for his class. He is a master of his craft, a great teacher, very smart, and well respected. A class with him heading will always be as informative and educational as it is enjoyable.

Engr. Ethel Abaya Ramos

Permanent FT

Word Processing Lec
Introduction to Computer Technology Lec & Lab

Always ready to lend a helping hand to those who needs it in class. She has a wise and intelligent approach to lectures that never seem to fail to spark the thinking cap of pupils. They know they're not dealing with just anybody, hence, they feel lucky to be at the receiving end with her teaching.

Prof. Edward Dayrit Bustillos

Permanent FT

Object Oriented Programming Lec & Lab
Current Programming Appl Lec & Lab
Graphics Design 2 lab
Artificial Intelligence Lec & Lab
Computer Animation

He provides in-depth insights and expertise on his profession, and in the industry. He is quite popular as well with the bonds he creates with his students and colleagues. And an unfailing skillful professor that provides fresh takes on each subject on each day that just makes it much more interesting.

Prof. Ana Peralta Garcia

Permanent FT

Automata & Language Theory
Progamming Language La
Data Structure & Algorithm
Web Programming Lec & Lab
CS Fundamentals & Internet Lec & Lab

Her students like her much because she's very motherly and warm. She understands their needs and shortcomings. You can not hesitate to come to her for questions and concerns. Her welcoming nature and unrelenting patience with her students provides them significant bonds altogether.

Prof. Ma. Cristina Reyes Navarro

Permanent FT

CS Research Project 2
Introduction to Computer Technology Lec
Data Communication, Network & Internet Lec & Lab
Practical Analysis & System Design
Database & File Organization Lec & Lab
Professional Ethics

Her energy level is never on low that ultimately results to active discussions in classes. The spirited exchange of ideas with the students is one of the qualities truly adored about her. And her always being friendly, perky, sweet and savvy is never on the bad side. She's on certain concern with everyone's academic progress and well-being, that's just another thing that has her liked just as she is.

Prof. Rico Torres Teodoro

Permanent FT

Computer Programming Lec & Lab
Data Security
Methods of Computing Research
Quality Assurance

An ultra smart, industrious teacher who loves his craft. His passion and expertise in teaching make his students work their best, and he easily does so. Although he may come off a little strict; some even remembers a time when he was kidding around calling himself, "The Silent Terror". But he can actually just be that brilliant in masquerading one of the great adviser and, the nicest and friendliest professor around.

Mr. Ruel Bermudez

Special Lecturer

Technology Entrepreneurship Lec & Lab

Special Lecturer

Mr. Mark Jason Santos Carranza

Contractual PT

Customer Relation Management
Project Management

Special Lecturer

Mr. Francis Paolo Baculio Frago

Special Lecturer

Advance Database Management System Lec & Lab

Special Lecturer

Mr. John Abraham Ruero

Special Lecturer

Special Lecturer

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